Candice the Ghost by David Ho

The first time I saw Candice, was on the album cover of Seether’s 2007 album; Finding beauty in negative spaces. Recently I got more into their music and I wanted to find out more about the artist who made that amazing piece. I contacted David Ho, the creator of “Candice the Ghost” and he was kind enough to answer some of my questions and tell me more about this cute, yet somewhat creepy girl.

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Nelson Mandela

On December 5th, the world said goodbye to one of the greatest people to have ever lived; Nelson Mandela. Mandela has fought for years to rid South Africa of the apartheid system and although he spend 27 years in prison, he succeeded and became South Africa’s first black president. Mandela has taught the world that the colour of your skin should not be an indication of who you are as a person and neither should it determine the chances you get in life. Continue reading