Drawing with paper

When you give a person paper and tell them to do something creative with it, most people will draw on it or fold it into animal figures. Add glue to the mix and you will get a collage of some sort. Yulia Brodskaya is one of the few people who will choose a different approach. She draws WITH paper, instead of on it.

The technique she uses is rather simple, it’s the flawless execution that makes it hard. She dips strips of paper into glue and carefully places them, creating shapes and figures. Her colourful works have drawn the attention of countless blogs and websites and it has given her the chance to work as a professional artist.

Yulia has worked for several clients on a commercial base, creating amazing advertising. Her work was used in ads for Oprah magazine, Cadbury and for the popular Facebook Game “Candy Crush Saga”.

Check out Yulia’s website for more work and tell me what your favourite is in the comments.

Be inspired


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