The ship of my existence drowned in that sea

Hello everyone! I know it has been a while since I posted something, so I hope to make it up to with by sharing works from an amazing artist.
Richard J Oliver is known by a lot of people as “Jamie Oliver from Lostprophets/No Devotion”. He is so much more than that though. Today I want to share his brilliant art with you. Continue reading


That special dress

It is the dream of many girls; finding mister (or miss, we’re not judging) right and make a lifelong commitment to him. The honeymoon is booked, table settings have been made, the cake is ordered. The only thing needed to lift this beautiful day to absolute perfection, is the dream dress you have always wanted.

That special dream dress is different for every girl. Some want a coloured dress, some short, some long. The Victoria & Albert museum in London now has an amazing exhibition showing +200 years of wedding couture and I have been there. Continue reading


Steve Mccurry: More than the Afghan girl

The name “Sharbat Gula” does not ring a bell with a lot of people. When shown her photo, most of them will instantly recognize her as “The Afghan girl from National Geographic”. Sharba Gula was photographed in 1984 in a refugee camp near Peshawar in Pakistan. Photographer Steve McCurry instantly became world famous with this portrait, that is not only a symbol for the Afghan War (1979-1989), but for refugees all over the world. There is so much more about his work though

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The big move

Hey guys!

It has been quiet here for a couple of days, so I thought an update was in order. The reason for this is because I have been extremely busy with moving and finals.
Moving you say? Yes, I used to live in my old high school, on an anti squatting base (to prevent the building from becoming a place for junkies to hang out) and it was great.

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