The big move

Hey guys!

It has been quiet here for a couple of days, so I thought an update was in order. The reason for this is because I have been extremely busy with moving and finals.
Moving you say? Yes, I used to live in my old high school, on an anti squatting base (to prevent the building from becoming a place for junkies to hang out) and it was great.

Earlier this year I broke up with my long term boyfriend and I got the chance to move back to my old school. I did know one guy living there, but soon I became friends with nearly everyone living there (there were 15 people in total). They really pulled me through and I have so many great memories, it really was the time of my life.

A local newspaper wanted to do an article about the move (because the building is monumental and everyone in the area knows it). They asked me to create a little series for the website, to show people what the move was like.
I thought it was fun to share this with you and show you what it was like.

I’m really going to miss everyone and the fun we had together. Even if it was only 6 months, these guys became a huge part of my life and I owe them a lot.

Anyway, this was a little update on my life, I’m going to try to create an interesting post real soon, so please be patient.

Be inspired!


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