That special dress

It is the dream of many girls; finding mister (or miss, we’re not judging) right and make a lifelong commitment to him. The honeymoon is booked, table settings have been made, the cake is ordered. The only thing needed to lift this beautiful day to absolute perfection, is the dream dress you have always wanted.

That special dream dress is different for every girl. Some want a coloured dress, some short, some long. The Victoria & Albert museum in London now has an amazing exhibition showing +200 years of wedding couture and I have been there.Ever since becoming somewhat familiar with London (I am from the Netherlands in case you did not know), the Victoria & Albert museum has always been one of my favourites. It has so many different things to offer; photography, historic art, glass, porcelain, paintings, clothing and very exciting temporary exhibitions. One of their latest exhibitions is: Wedding dresses 1775 – 2014.

The dresses in the exhibition show fashion trends, spanding over two centuries. From old victorian dresses, to recent designes made by famous designers like Vera Wang and and Vivienne Westwood. Most of the dresses are accompanied by a story about their existence. This offers an interesting view to the life of the women who wore these dresses and how they were created.

Although most “classic” weddingdresses are white, or cream coloured, the exhibition shows several coloured dresses from different time periods and regions in the world. Besides “common” wedding dresses, there are also several “celebrity” dresses on display. The most beautiful (in my opinion) of these are the dress that Kate Moss wore at her last wedding, the dress Dita Von Teese wore for her wedding to Marilyn Manson and Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress for her weddingday with Gavin Rosdale.

Admission for the exhibition is 13.50 pounds (there are discounts available for students).
Advanced booking is recommended, I did not do this and I had to wait for 45 minutes before I could enter. The reason for this is because they don’t want to overcrowd the exhibition, so everyone can view it in peace, without people standing in their way.
If you decide to go, make sure you visit the special exhibition shop. It holds items about the exhibition (like an exhibition book with photos of everything that is on display), but they also sell amazing jewelry (both expensive and less expensive) and other wedding related goodies.
I really enjoyed this exhibition and I can definitely recommend it to anyone visiting London!

The Victoria and Albert museum: Wedding dresses 1775-2014 exhibition runs until March 2015.

Be Inspired!

Because photography and sketching is not allowed, all photos are taken from the Victoria and Albert Museum website and they belong to their respective owners.


One thought on “That special dress

  1. Really wanted to see this exhibition a few weeks ago but opted for the British library instead as I was on limited time! Maybe I’ll go back at some point. Looks interesting!

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