Beauty Underground

The London Underground has been around for a little over 150 years and depicts various styles of architecture. With around 270 stations (only a rough 45% being underground though) it has a lot to offer to architecture loving photographers. Continue reading


Candice the Ghost by David Ho

The first time I saw Candice, was on the album cover of Seether’s 2007 album; Finding beauty in negative spaces. Recently I got more into their music and I wanted to find out more about the artist who made that amazing piece. I contacted David Ho, the creator of “Candice the Ghost” and he was kind enough to answer some of my questions and tell me more about this cute, yet somewhat creepy girl.

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Nelson Mandela

On December 5th, the world said goodbye to one of the greatest people to have ever lived; Nelson Mandela. Mandela has fought for years to rid South Africa of the apartheid system and although he spend 27 years in prison, he succeeded and became South Africa’s first black president. Mandela has taught the world that the colour of your skin should not be an indication of who you are as a person and neither should it determine the chances you get in life. Continue reading

Cover the Classic: Mona Lisa

We see it all the time in music: People who take other people’s song and make a version of their own. A cover. Socially accepted and some people even prefer covers over the original.
But in visual art it seems to be less accepted than in music. Why is that? Both music and visual art require time and talent to create and it is something that the artist is proud of.
Maybe because, most of the times, when someone covers a song, they take it seriously and create something that can be considered equally beautiful as the original. In visual art, a lot of covers have a sense of humour and that can be considered offending to the original artist. Continue reading

Dali & Picasso; A comparison

A little while ago, I stumbled on this amazing artwork by David Vela.

I loved the sense of humour in it, while at the same time it is a very realistic thing. This piece shows the obvious differences between Picasso’s and Dali’s work and it is a pretty realistic representation of how Dali and Picasso would paint an egg.
This image gave me the idea to make a comparison between the two of them. Continue reading

FanFriday: Disney Heroines

Hello everyone!
I came up with an idea for my Friday post: FanFriday. In this category I will discuss the concept of fanart and every Friday there will be a post about it. Fanart is a whole different category of art and people have very different opinions about it. There are people who consider Fanart to be a lame ripoff, because the artists did not think of the characters themselves. Other people, like me, see it as a creative way to give a different spin on characters that are well known to the public.
I am interested to hear your opinion, so I will discuss a different “fandom” every Friday. If you want to see certain Fanart/fandom, just let me know in the comments! Continue reading

I’m not a joke!

Hate and discrimination against people from the LGBT community is something that has always bothered me. People should be able to be themselves without getting hate for it. People should also be able to love who they want. I am not gay myself, but I do feel like I’m lucky to be born in the Netherlands, the first country in the world to legalize same sex marriage. I am happy to live in a country where (in general) people are open to the LGBT community. Continue reading


When starting a blog, I think it is best to stick to the things you know, before expanding into the unknown.
This post will be about Claudette van de Rakt and her project “I am a girl”. I did my first photography internship with her and it was right in the middle of the making of the book for “I am a girl”. The project has grown on me very much and it was amazing to be a very small part of it. Continue reading

What is art?

Art is something that has a different meaning and definition to everyone. For me, art is life. I see art in almost everything. Whether it is a building, a song I hear or a landscape I see, art is everywhere around me.

As a photographer, I tend to look at things in a way as if I were to photograph it. A musician will hear things differently than I would and an architect would look for a creative way to build a practical construction. I believe that art is for everyone and that everyone can be an artist in his of her own way. Continue reading