A dash of colour

As the temperature drops, the days begin to shorten and the weather slowly becomes worse, it is a clear sign that autumn is coming. People hurry to the warmth of their house instead of enjoying the last few warm rays of sunshine. Scarfs and hats slowly make their appearance and an umbrella becomes a neccesary accessoire.

Although Autumn often represents the cold setting in and rain as a main weather condition, it thankfully brings a lot of beauty as well. Trees look amazing with all their colours, especially on the days where the sun shines. “Colourful” is probably the word I would use to describe autumn, the general feel of autumn easily makes me forget about the bad things of the season.

“Colourful” is also the word that is often used to describe the works of Leonid Afremov. When I was browsing the web in search of autumn related artwork, I stumbled upon his paintings and I just had to share them with you.

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