London for less

“London is so expensive! There is no way you can go there and have a cheap holiday!” This is something that I hear a lot of people say, and I think it is time for people to realise that this does not have to be the case. In this article I will give you various tips on how to have an awesome stay in London, without having to spend loads of money. Continue reading


That special dress

It is the dream of many girls; finding mister (or miss, we’re not judging) right and make a lifelong commitment to him. The honeymoon is booked, table settings have been made, the cake is ordered. The only thing needed to lift this beautiful day to absolute perfection, is the dream dress you have always wanted.

That special dream dress is different for every girl. Some want a coloured dress, some short, some long. The Victoria & Albert museum in London now has an amazing exhibition showing +200 years of wedding couture and I have been there. Continue reading