Song of the week: Survivor

In the category “personal things that I love and want to share”, music plays a massive role. Music is something that is always there, no matter what your mood is. My spotify list consists of so many different things, people find it hard to believe that it was made by me. From 90s pop music, to classical piano music, followed by shrieking guitars of a heavy metal song, I love it all.

Every week I will post a song that has been important to me, whether it has given me support, or just because I liked listening to it. Although this post will be very personal, I will try to show you a varied range of music.

This weeks song: Survivor by Destiny’s Child.
I was about 10 years old when the song came out and I loved it back then, but it took me years to understand the true meaning of it (Remember, I am Dutch, so the lyrics did not make a lot of sense to me back then). This week some drama happened in my life and it upset me a lot, but I finally saw the light and realised that sometimes you should ban people out of your life in order to move on. That is exactly what I did and I felt so much better. This song is a reminder for everyone who is struggling, that sometimes you should let go and you will overcome your struggle and it will make you stronger.

I hope this can serve as an inspiration to some, even if it just a trip down memory lane and remembering how awesome the early 2000’s were.

Be inspired!